Use of Electronic Learning

To make learning more enjoyable, we use interactive tablets. Our students have access to the e-learning platform where they can
  • Practice on-line with their own personal code
  • Repeat Grammar - Vocabulary exercises whenever they want
  • Do listening exercises for extra practice
  • Immediate control and evaluation.

Experiential Teaching

Through experiential teaching, the student actually experiences the subject and its content. He is actively engaged in the process of learning by expressing opinions, feelings and concerns, thus assimilating basic concepts more easily and becoming more independent.

Free Support Teaching

At our center, within the framework of social responsibility for equal opportunities for all, we provide free support teaching through e-learning at all levels to ensure the progress of all of our students.

Training in Public Speech

In order to educate our students in speaking methods, but also to help them gain more confidence, we urge them to present their work on various issues related to art, culture, technology and the environment.

Playing with theatrical play & foreign movie nights

In the context of our effort to provide interactive teaching, our center organizes movie nights every week, as well as theatrical plays, with the aim of learning the foreign language in a pleasant and alternative way, with particular emphasis on public speaking.

Substitution of a course

In order to facilitate our students and their parents, we provide substitution for english classes ranging from Junior A to Senior C.

Writing contest

Students are encouraged to produce a written document through organized competitions. In this way, our students' skills are improved while handling the written word of the foreign language, in order to distinguish themselves!


In the context of the appropriate learning and teaching of foreign languages, we organize trips to cities abroad, in order for our students to come into direct contact with the culture, practice their knowledge and see everything they’re being taught in the classroom.

Project Evaluation by Students

By trying to improve ourselves continuously in order to become more efficient, we provide our students with the ability to evaluate our teaching and services through questionnaires. The results of our assessment provide a more complete and comprehensive picture of our work.


Sofroni Marina Foreign Language Center adopts one of the latest educational technologies! VR GLASSES in the classroom make the educational process more interactive and interesting for students. The "standalone" VR headset is easy to use, offering children an alternative, highly effective learning method that turns the lesson into a game.